Monday, April 14, 2008

A Gift for My Hostess, My Friend

My workshop over the past weekend was for a dear friend of mine, so I wanted to give her a small hostess gift that I thought she would really like. I don’t do the extravagant hostess gifts that I have seen some other demos do…I have a hard time finding the time or the money, but I like to give them either some product that I know they will use or a homemade gift that they would like. I went the homemade gift route with this one. I had no idea what I was going to make until I stopped at Target the weekend before. There in the $1 Spot were these adorable little glass tea light lanterns. They had red and clear that I remember. My friend loves red (we both have the exact same red couch…I still claim I bought mine first, but we honestly found it at the same time since we were furniture browsing together) and she has it throughout the house in various places. So of course I chose the red lantern.

I am still getting used to the rub-ons, but I knew I wanted to try them on the glass lantern. So I applied the large white flower from Love & Happiness Rub-on collection that was part of SAB this year. Well, even though I thought I was being careful, it did not come out centered. So I added the little LOVE quote in Chocolate Chip Rub-on to the one side of the flower. That definitely helped even it out…so yes, of course, I meant to and had that planned all along! Then I added some Diamond Stickles around the edges of the flower just to dress it up a little.

I think she really liked it, so I was pleased! Then she gave me a present…how sweet is she?! A box of sugar-free chocolate! Ahh the perfect gift for the gestational diabetic! Even though I still have to eat it sparingly, I love having an option at the end of a meal to have a piece of chocolate! Well that is all for now…I am tired once again. Am I really going to be tired for the next 2 months?!? I don’t remember quite having this extent of 3rd trimester tiredness with my first pregnancy, but I am struggling to get through days without a nap right now…not real convenient especially since I work all day! Oh well! Have a great week!

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