Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More About Me

For a significant chunk of my life, I lived in the engineering world (Mechanical Engineer to be exact), but now my kind of engineering is just a wee bit different. Now, I am a Stay-at-Home Mom to two wonderful (on most days) children and a wife to my amazing husband. My husband, Kevin, and I met in High School...yes, High School...and have been together ever since. We have two kids, Elijah and Adilane, and one fur-child, Alex. The kids bring us such joy and some frustrations (which I tend to talk about on my blog...my sort of therapy, I guess) and we couldn't be happier! In addition to my crafty side, I also get involved with my church's music ministry. I have done music with the Sunday School children, helped organize Christmas Programs, and sing weekly with the Praise Team band.

I was introduced to stamping in 1998 when a friend and I took a stamping class at a local craft store. From that I decided to make my Christmas cards (and have ever since), but I didn't really get obsessed until I joined Stampin' Up! I was a Hobby Demonstrator for a little over 7 years where I held stamp camps and classes in my home and did the occasional workshop. The best part about it was getting new stuff without my husband knowing...it was all for the business!! Once I got to a point of not being able to make the quarterly minimums with my current amount of effort, I decided to step away. Now I dabble with all sorts of stamps, paper, etc and keep my new purchases a little sparser...afterall my husband now can see how much I spend!

My style is fairly simple, organized, and usually symmetrical (the engineering side of me) . I sometimes break out of that mold to the amazement of myself. I love learning new techniques and finding new projects to make. While stamping cards is the biggest part of what I work on, I have found joy in scrapbooking a books for my children. They may not actually get their books until they are 30 or so (it will take me that long to finish it), but I will love every minute of it. Occasionally, I will make 3-D projects, altered items and the yearly birthday cakes...so I hope you find a little inspiration here in my kind of engineering!

By the way, if you like the little cartoon representing me, you can make your own at www.blessthischick.com. Have fun!


Kendra said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

BTW - you left a comment on my blog today for my blog candy with your link. However, I don't think you were signed in so it didn't leave your name (just said Anonymous). If you go back and let me know those were your comments, I'll make sure you are entered for the blog candy.

Kendra (aka Paper Dreams)

Cheryl KVD said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself. I agree that my style is very similar to yours. I have to try hard not to do symmetrical layouts!

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