Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Slice of Published Cake

Ok I have to pause in my massive cleaning efforts (Christmas is at my house this year) to gush just a little bit! My latest project that was selected for publication just came out! So be sure to open up the January/February 2011 Issue of Paper Crafts to page 49 and check-out my cake slice box (with my name in print!!). You can download the patterns for the box HERE (follow the link and then scroll down). It looks like the flower on top shifted some in shipping, so my pic above shows how the flower was meant to be. Either way...I am so excited!!!

Hoping to get one last Christmas card related post in before Christmas and then I get to prepare for hosting Christmas...and then a New Year'e Eve party too! Until then, thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!


Katie Cotton said...

this is so exciting!!!

Sherri Benson said...

Oh my I have that issue and I am so excited for you. Love the slice of "fame"....LOL!

Congrats and Merry Christmas!

scrappingnana said...

Congrats on the published work. I think it is adorable and the flower just sets it off.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Very nice...Happy New year.

Scrapgang said...

Dear Andrea,
We are a scrapbooking challenge blog from Poland called ScrapGang: Twice a month, we have lift
challenges. Looking for cards and other craftworks suitable for lifts,
we came across your wonderful works. They are really stunning!

Would you agree for this beautiful piece of cake to be lifted in one of our challenges?

We would be grateful if you agree :).

Andrea said...

Scrapgang - Not sure you will see this but not sure how else to get in touch with you. I am fine with you using this for your lift challenge. Thanks for the sweet compliments! Enjoy!

Scrapgang said...

Suuuuuper! Thank you very very much :D

Anonymous said...

Andrea, where did you find the white embossed stockpiler for the top.....if you don't mind me asking. I have looked all over for similar paper and can't find it anywhere. I'd appreciate it if you would let me know where to find it. Thank you, Tina

Cara said...

Hello, Andrea! Since your post is a bit aged now, I am unsure if you will be able to see my comment, but I wanted to try.

I attempted to follow the link for this gorgeous cake box in the link you provided. However, after scouring and scouring their website, I can't find any source of your file. But I would LOVE to have it as I am working on trying new things and a cake box is one of my goals! Thank you so much if this reaches you.

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