Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wipeout Birthday Cake

So do you watch the television show Wipeout? It is one of our favorites mainly because our son thinks that it is hilarious...well we do too! Basically a bunch of ridiculous obstacles in which you expect the contestants to "wipeout" on and commentators that make it even funnier! One of my son's favorite things to do is to make-up "Wipeout" courses for his Fischer Price Little People including replays, screams, and even some of the witty commentating! He has been doing this ever since this show started...something like 2 years or more. So why not make a "Wipeout" cake for his birthday! So first I asked him what obstacles were some of his favorites and then decided from there what I thought I might be able to actually make. My husband even helped me make one of the obstacles. So without further ado, here are the Wipeout obstacles!
This is the Starting line for the course...where the contestants let out their Wiepout cries! I learned of a technique to mash cake crumbs with some frosting to make a "meatloaf" type consistency and then use that to make into shapes. That is how I made the ramp.

Next up is an obstacle that I cannot remember the name of, but basically the checkered wall has doors that open as the contestants are trying to run past them and then the sweepers are there to make it that much harder (and that much funnier when they wipeout!). My son later told me this was suppose to be a mud obstacle...whoops!

The Banana Hammocks! A fun mud obstacle made from Laffy Taffy formed to make the shape and set on Tootsie roll posts.

The Big Balls...gotta have the Big Balls! I made the big balls with that "meatloaf" combo I mentioned above and coated them in red chocolate. I did not coat the bottoms of the balls though so they kind of sank down on their posts.

The Giant Swings...they have done many combinations of the giant swings on the show, but we just went for the basic one. This is the obstacle my husband put together. The sticks of Pringles Honey Sticks and it is held together with white chocolate.

Here is the top view of the cake. The Starbursts mark the path between the obstacles. I also tried to add some little grass accents around the course and around the bottom of the cake.

It ended up being a lot of cake for us and the little mini party we had for my son, so my husband had to take a huge chunk of it into work. Again a very time-consuming cake, but I will admit it was a lot of fun to make! Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!


Anonymous said...

You are an angel! I was just searching for how to make a wipeout cake for my daughter's party on friday. thank you! you are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG this cake is so cute. Awesome job. And that show is so funny. Love it.

Carma said...

Oh.My.Goodness!! This is just FABULOUS! (I used to buy cakes for my girls' birthdays from Baskin Robbins.)

DigiDarla said...

This cake is AMAZING!

dawnmercedes said...

oooh...i love starbursts!! what a fabulous cake!

Anonymous said...

Welding with white chocolate. Nice cake.

Carol said...

I am SOOOO impressed with your awesome cake! You are very talented! I am attempting a Wipeout cake for my 10 year old this weekend and am wondering what exactly you covered your big balls with and what they're sitting on. Thanks for your inspiration! ;)

Andrea said...

For Carol - The Big Balls were cake balls that I made and then coated them with melted red candy melts. They are sitting on top of shortened creame filled Pirouette rolled wafers by Pepperidge Farms...they were in the snacks aisle. Hope that helps and good luck!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your inspiration. I made nearly the same cake for my son's 4th birthday and it was a big hit!

Anonymous said...

Making a wipeout cake this year for my sons "6th" birthday!
I am getting some ideas from your great cake! ;)
What did you make the starting wipeout sign with? Thats what I am trying to figure out. lol
I was thinking of using pretzel rods with a fruit roll up but not sure if that will hold.
Yours looks awesome.
God Bless!

Andrea said...

If I remember correctly the "Wipeout" sign was a graham cracker coated in white chocolate and then I piped the words on with blue frosting. The pretzel sticks were used to hold the sign up and were held in place with lots of white chocolate...that was pretty much my "glue" for the whole thing! Hope that helps!

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