Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Fun

How about some yummy burgers? What?! Do those leaves look a bit too bright green?! Well that would be because they are not hamburgers, but mini dessert burgers! I saw these on another blog and found the recipe HERE and decided that they would be a fun thing for my son and I to make for Father's Day. I despise coconut though (which is what the recipe called for to make lettuce), so we just used green frosting with a leaf tip. Eli just thought it was so funny that we were going to eat "burgers" for dessert! My husband was actually nervous to eat them because the burger, ketchup, and mustard look so real. The bigger picture gives you a better picture of the actual size of them...think vanilla wafer size...that is what makes up the "buns".

Well I hope all of you had a nice Father's Day...or at least were able to make those Dads feel special. My husband got treated very well today...I even mowed the lawn for him! He has been traveling all week and the lawn was getting crazy out of control, so he said he was going to mow it today...well I can't let him mow it on Father's I got out there and did it. I probably looked pretty funny because I am not used to driving the riding lawnmower...I was a bit jerky! The highlight of my husband's day was having the kids see his hockey game and he scored 2 goals (something he says that he hasn't done in awhile).

Now I will leave you with a cute pic I took of me and that kid! I will have a card post in a bit. Thanks for stopping by my engineering world!


Deborah Young said...

Awesome! Those totally look like real burgers! How did they taste?
Too cool.

Anita said...

What a cool idea! They look so real!

Bonnie said...

Too cute!!! I bet kids of ALL ages would love these.

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