Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spongebob and Patrick Cupcakes

Ok, so I totally admit I am a crazy Mom and person in general.  So even though my son was going to be having a big birthday party (Board Game Theme party I have posted about before), I also wanted him to be able to take in cupcakes to school on his actual birthday.  So me being the type to go way too far, made Spongebob and Patrick cupcakes purely for him to take into school.  But man did they turn out cute!

So I did 12 of each character...yup again a lot of different colors and still only 4 bags and no identical tips!  Really need to buy more!  Anyway, I do not free hand anything but the faces.  I print out the images I want to make, cut them out, and then trace around them with a toothpick onto the base frosted cupcake.  I will freely admit that this was really tedious and I probably included way more detail than I should have attempted...I mean I attempted to give Spongebob his collar and tie!  But like I said, I know I am just a wee bit crazy!

Thanks for checking out my (crazy) kind of engineering!


Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! But I noticed that you haven't posted for a while... I especially loved your post about the American Ninja Warrior Party. Would you be willing to share any of those files? I am planning an American Ninja Warrior party for my 6 year old next week!

Jackson said...

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