Thursday, April 12, 2012

Board Game Theme Party: Goodie Bags and Birthday Clue

So I have already covered some of my son's Board Game Theme Party, so if you missed them, mkae sure you check out: Board Game Theme Party and Life-Size Candyland.  I will save the cake as a separate post...not that it was anything crazy...just want to keep cakes to their own posts.  

So for the goodie bags for the kids, I went ultra simple (mainly because my craft stuff was still in boxes!) with just white bags and taping the "Clue" card that had each of their pictures on it...more on that below.  Inside the bag was a travel game from a dollar store, the pawn t-shirts that I made for them (which we put on most of the kids when they arrived), and a bag of "Treats from their Trip through Candyland".  I had ginger snap cookies from the Gingerbread Tree, Candy Canes for the Peppermint Forest, Gumdrops from Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop from Lollipop Woods, and a chocolate bar from the Chocolate Swamp.  It was a fun way to add treats to the bag and still keep with my Board Game theme.

So at the party we played the Life-Size Candyland game that I created, Twister, and a Birthday version of the game Clue.  All of the kids at the party were the characters, the locations were rooms in my house, and instead of weapons,  we used birthday decorations.  So our story was someone stole party decorations from a room...they had to figure out who, where, and what.  So I created the "detective notebook" like they have in Clue and the individual cards for each character, room, and decoration.  

My plan was for them to play it like the game of Clue...they have to meet up with someone in one of the rooms, make a guess, and see if the other person could prove them wrong with the cards in their hands.  Biggest problem was that with 13 kids, they only got 2 cards each.  That made it very difficult to "prove someone wrong" because they were not very likely to guess what was in the other person's hands.  

The other problem we ran into was that only about 2-3 of the kids had actually played Clue, so the concept of the game was difficult.  So in the end we had the kids all in one room and just had them walk around and look at each other's cards.  Even with our very modified version, the kids seemed to have fun.  

Well that is everything but the cake which I will post a little later.  Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!

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