Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'...It's April 1st

Happy April 1st!  How did it become April already?  And Easter is just next weekend...simply crazy!  I am ignoring the fact that means it is April Fool's Day this year as I am totally not prepared!  For the last couple of years I have tried to make a silly dinner for the family on or aorund April 1st...not sure it has ever fallen on the actual day just cuz' that is how I roll sometimes.  So since I am ill-prepared this year, I thought I would show you what I did a couple years ago.  I did something last year, but I cannot find the picture of it for the life of me...maybe I actually forgot to take a picture of it which would be absolutely crazy for me! 

Anyway, we had fish sticks with ketchup, peas, and a cupcake for dessert...or did we?!  I think we ate in reverse order and had teh cupcakes first.  They did look like cupcakes with pretty pink frosting, but really they were mini meatloafs with pink mashed potatoes on top!  The fish sticks were the vanilla wafer cookies coated in peanut butter and rolled in crushed up corn flakes and the peas were just green Laffy Taffy.  Then the ketchup was some strawberry jam whipped up to make it smoother.  All of the recipes for these can be found at Family Fun.  I will say that my son was a little nervous to eat everything because while it did look like the food it was suppose to look like it was also a little off.  I think the funniest was watching him take a big bite of cupcake and quickly find out it wasn't cupcake at all!

So while I may not make it to have any fun foods this year (although I have always been late in the past...I could still squeeze it in), I hope you enjoyed the look at what I have done.  Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering! 

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