Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fishy Valentines

Well Happy Valentine's Day to all! I am enjoying a relaxing day with the family and looking forward to a heart-shaped pizza (hopefully I can make it look like a heart!) and dessert for dinner and a romantic evening with my husband (once the kids are in bed!). I hope that all of you have a great day as well!

Thought I would just pop in to show that last couple of projects I did with my son. They weren't anything huge, but I liked how they turned out. The first one is the Valentines that he took to preschool. I found the idea on the Family Fun website, so I take no claims that this is my original idea. I cut out all of the hearts (really considered getting the hearts Nestabilities, but I held back) and my son helped me glue them together, glue on the eyes, and then he signed the back of them. I printed the sentiments on the cardstock prior to cutting out the hearts: "You are oceans of fun!" and "Best fishes this Valentine's Day!". The cute font has hearts, stars, and flowers in it...found that at Simply the Best Fonts. Pretty simple and they were Valentines that he "made" instead of the store bought ones!

The second project we did was a gift for Daddy and Grandparents. We had some large foam Heart shapes, so I cut out some cardstock in a slightly smaller heart, and then printed out small pics of the kids. Glued them all on the cardstock heart and then glued it to the foam heart. Added a magnet on the back for fridge display! For this one, Eli just helped me decide which picture went where and then placed the small heart foam stickers...he loves stickers!

If you need some more Valentine inspiration for those last minute Valentines, check out the Blog Carnival at Craft Critique! So much inspiration and ideas there, it is crazy. My Mickey Mouse Valentine card is in there, which I am proud to say that I made it in Julee's (Poetic Artistry and Mojo Monday Contest author) top 20 cards out of like 300 or something...didn't win, but I was glad that I made the top 20...maybe one of these days I will win that contest!

Anyway, have a great day and weekend. I need to work on samples for my upcoming Stamp-A-Stack (live in the Detroit area and want to come?? me!) over the weekend...maybe tomorrow!


Anita said...

Cute Valentines. What a neat idea to use hearts to make the fish. I like your heart photo card.

Deborah Anton said...

This is so cute!! Very creative!! I have left you an award on my blog!

Laurie in MN said...

Very cute projects.

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