Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I was Tagged!

O.k. so this is my first time being Blog Tagged, so I hope I do this right! I was tagged by Lynn Put of The Queen Scene and so I am suppose to answer some questions and then pass the tag onto two others.

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics.
My son (eventually children) and I guess I will throw other family in there too, but so far all I have scrapbooked is basically a book that my son will eventually get (like when he is 30!).

2. What are the two best places you’ve ever been to?
This is a tough one for me…my husband and I have been lucky enough to have gone to some amazing places. All of our vacations have something totally memorable in them and the parts we tend to like best our things outdoors. But if I have to choose two, I would have to say the island of Kauai (hiking along the Na Pali coast or in the Waimea Canyon) and probably our hike to the top of Mt. Giewont in Zakopane, Poland to reach the 15 meter high cross that has been placed at the top…truly an amazing hike and view! I am kind of curious what two my husband would pick now!

3. Name two things you do every day.
Kiss my son (a lot…especially like to get his neck because it makes him that giggle!) and kiss my husband (he is such a wonderful man, how could I not kiss him?!)

4. Name to things that pretty much everyone knows about you.
I like to be crafty and my laugh is pretty loud (o.k. probably very loud…oh well! always know where I am because I like to laugh a lot)

5. What are your two favorite stores?
Probably Michael’s and JoAnn’s…I know so basic. I need to find a good scrapbooking store nearby…a new Archivers opened up but I haven’t been yet. I frequent Wal-mart an awful lot, but I wouldn't call it a just tends to be the cheapest!

6. What are your two favorite accessories to stamp/scrap with?
Brads and sparkle (glitter, Stickles, etc.)

7. What are your two favorite occasions to make cards for?
Baby and Female Birthdays (so I can use flowers, ribbon, glitter, etc) and Christmas is up there too.

8. What time of day or night are you able to do the most stamping?
After 9 pm when little one is finally asleep, unless I get a chance during naptime on the days I am home…but usually that is reserved for cleaning (yuck!)

9. What two things do a lot of people NOT know about me?
This is a tough one since I feel like for the most part I am an open book, wear my heart on my sleeve kinda gal. I guess one would be that I am pretty quick to cry…I have a horrible tendency to cry (or at least well-up where I have to fight those tears from falling) when I am frustrated or mad...not good for those very frustrating times at work! I cry when I am happy or sad (although they are two different types of cries). I cry watching TV shows and simply when someone else is crying. But for some reason, I try to hide all of this crying…not really sure why. But my face, I am pretty sure, is a tell-all sign…my eyes get really bloodshot and my nose gets a little red! The second thing that not everyone knows about me is probably that I can sing pretty good. I really have no idea if I am truly good or not...I can carry a tune, but I cannot for the life of me harmonize or blankly sing acapella...I need to hear the notes to find my note. I sing at home for my son and I also am one of the song leaders in our praise band at church. Since joining the praise band, I know I have gotten better, but by no means a Star!

Well there you have it! Not sure it was terribly interesting, but maybe you know me a little better now. Thanks Lynn...sorry it took me so long to play! So now to tag two about: Cheryl from Engineered Expressions (she puts out scrapbooking pages like I have never seen and it is not like they are basic ones either!) and Mary Jo from Beauty Lies Within (this is one lady that is truly an amazing artist...everything she creates is gorgeous! She probably won't be able to play, but I would love to learn more about her!).


Lynn Put said...

You have been to some amazing places, thats so great! And your right I have scrapbooks for my kids and they'll be lucky to pry them out of my hands when I have to give them up, LOL. Well it was nice to get to know you a little better, thanks for playing!

Lynn Put said...

PS, I live in Chesterfield which is just south of Port Huron so your on the west side of town, not too far!

Cheryl KVD said...

Thanks for the tag!! This looks like a fun one to do...hope to have it up on my blog soon.

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