Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Stamping Studio vs. Area

O.k. I would post some pictures of my stamping area...well my side of our family room in our walk-out basement...but alas it is quite messy! I know shocker or shockers....the engineer has a messy, disorganized area. Wait scratch isn't disorganized. I know where everything is in that mess! LOL! I do like some of my organizing, so if I do get it cleaned up, I will post some pictures of it. But to inspire you, and I mean majorly inspire you....actually make you so jealous you can hardly stand it, I wanted to share with you a link to another blogger's stamp room. Nichole Heady has possibly the most amazing stamp room I have seen! As that engineering side of me comes out and I see the pictures of her room, I want to reorganize my little area and make it half as beautiful as hers. Anyway, check it out: Nicole's Studio. Hope that you can be inspired as well. Now get organized!

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