Monday, August 6, 2007

A Photo Book Fit for a Dad

Why is it that stamping something for men is so difficult! I struggled with this one for a long time. I had a few customers that requested that I put together a photo book for a Father's Day Gift. Obviously I am not very timely about showing it, but I just got started with this blogging thing just recently. Anyway, I had many iterations of this photo book and I am pretty happy with the end result. I had a stamp camp in June for people to make this book.

The first two photos are the front and back of the book. The front is stamped and embellished and I inked up my son's hand to get a hand print on the back. He walked around with a brown palm for a bit, but he was fine! The Joy on the front was embossed. We actually did it the cheap way (without a craft pad). Since I don't have a lot of Craft pads, we just inked the stamp with Versamark first and then ink it with the color of ink desired. Stamp the image and emboss like normal. Makes it easy to get nice colors for the embossing without owning all of the craft pads.
I had originally started the front without the Brocade Blue cardstock on the front, but found once it was added, that it finally felt complete.

The pictures below show the inside of the photo book. It is an accordion fold book that is great because my husband can stand it up open on his desk at work. Who wouldn't want to have that cute little boy staring back at you all day?!

Since I did this book for a stamp camp, I have directions typed up, but I am not sure how to post documents just email me if you want the directions. Unfortunately, it does not include pictures, but it is a step-by-step type of directions.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift!

Unknown said...

Andrea...thanks for letting me know about your whereabouts...there are so many bloggers now! This is a great lil' book and I love the idea of the handprint...I will have to steal it! Cheers!

BTW, you'll debut tomorrow!

Sheri Zeleznik said...

I really like your photo book. Very Cool! I'm almost convinced to start scrapbooks for my boys.

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