Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie Week - Recap

Here is another recap for you of my Theme Weeks.  Mainly because I wanted to take my kids to see Cars 2 in the theater, I made this week Movie Week!  So obviously, my husband and I took the kids to see Cars 2, which was a treat in itself since usually I am taking the kids by myself.  But we went on the 4th, so Holiday for Hubby!

The next activity was to have a "Drive-In" movie.  This idea came from Family Fun as well...probably going to get tired of saying that!  There actually is a local Drive-In by me, but I wanted the kids to have it at home.  So, I gathered up some boxes, hot glued some paper plates to the sides for wheels, and let the kids decorate their "cars" till their heart's content!  Each one came up with their own type of car and seemed to enjoy making them...well my daughter lost interest at one point, so I helped finish hers for her.  I actually found a box that already had an end cutout, so the oldest wouldn't get uncomfortable sitting in his box.
We had a Jeep, Mack the Truck from the movie Cars, a fully decorated convertible, and whatever my daughter made.

After everything dried, we took them down in our basement (where our main TV is), put some pillows in the cars for comfort, and took a seat in the cars.  I attached a food "tray" to each "car" with binder clips and gave them a cup of popcorn, cup of another food (cheese/crackers, sandwich, pizza rolls), and a juice pouch.  We watched the movie Tangled and I made sure to turn up the sound system nice an loud so they felt like they were watching a movie at a theater.
Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

My little punky made it in her car for most of the movie, but she joined me on the couch at the end.

A movie week couldn't be complete without actually making one, right?  So while we were at the beach, we made a couple music videos.  I put a couple songs on my phone, held it up by the camera, and basically followed the kids around while they did crazy stuff.  Not quite as organized as I would have preferred...I wanted them to plan out what they were going to do and then lip sync to the music...but they had fun.  The oldest didn't want me to post the videos publicly, so I can't post them here.  He had fun doing it, but I don't think he wants any chance of his friends seeing 11 years old, gotta respect that.

Next week will be Nature Week...I have a separate post with the ideas I have for that.  Until then, thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!


Anita said...

What a fun idea!

Queen Mary said...

Love the drive in at home idea! What fun -- complete with snacks! We used to go to the drive ins -- I remember them well!

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