Friday, July 8, 2011

Patriotic Week - Recap

Ok I am now in the third week of theme weeks and I am finally getting a post up about it!  I will see if I can be any better about giving you advanced week info...knowing my luck, they will all probably be recaps like this one!  Oh well...I can only do so much.  

So the first two weeks were Patriotic Week in honor of the 4th of July.  The first week actually had the last day of school in there, so it was kind of a partial week.  I think that the kids have been enjoying the theme weeks and I have enjoyed having activities and such to do with them (planned out in advance) so we aren't always doing the same stuff.  Now we are still hitting the beach, playgrounds, etc, but we are getting the theme stuff in there too!

The first week, the kids (mine and a neighbors that I watch 2 days a week) made some very cute patriotic decorations.  The idea for them came from the Family Fun Website...pretty much everything I do comes from there!!  Totally love that site and magazine! 
They don't make a ton of noise when the wind blows, but they do jingle a little bit!

Then I had them make Star and Stripes T-shirts.  This was a huge hit!  
I kind of wish I would have made one for myself, they turned out so good!  

The last project we did was to make a Flag Dessert.  We made for my family and one for the neighbors.  The kids were pretty proud of it.  They cut all of the strawberries and everything!

We did some other stuff too, but nothing noteworthy...tried to talk about the US, the flag, etc and got some books from the library.  I meant to teach them the Star Spangled Banner, but kind of forgot!  

One project, in addition to the theme weeks, that I have the kids doing throughout the whole summer is trying to look around us to find letters.  Not letters on a sign...that would be too easy...but letters that are formed by a tree, a lamp post, a handrail, etc.  My goal is to find every letter by the end of summer and then print out the letters of there name as a room decoration.  We are doing pretty good so is an example of what one looks like:

A recap of the current movie week is coming up!  Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!

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