Thursday, May 26, 2011

Totally Non-Stamping Related

So like the title says, this is totally non-stamping related.  But one picture I thought was pretty fun and the other I was pretty proud that I got.  So the first is this poor fly!  My son was about to get on the trampoline and came calling for me asking me what a bee looks like again.  I ask why, of course, and he says that there is a bug buzzing on the trampoline and he isn't sure if it is a bee or not.  I walk out there expecting to find a bee/fly dying on the surface of the trampoline and instead find a fly that somehow managed to get himself stuck in the trampoline netting.  I mean did he fly into in?  Did he not see the netting?  Or did he try to crawl through the opening and ate a bit too much pollen (or whatever it is that flies eat) that day that he got stuck?  So after I grabbed my camera and got a picture of him (which by the way, you can see the little hairs on him...pretty crazy), I helped him get out and he buzzed away happily.

My second photo to share is one that I was really excited about.  One, I finally got a decent picture of my son with his missing front tooth and two, I just love the water splashing around him but he is in focus.  So yay for me and my camera!  

Well that is all for me...just had to share my pics with ya...back to stamping stuff.  Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!

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Lisa Kind said...

I was so hoping you'd say in the end that you helped the fly get un-stuck! LOL!!! Love these pics! The one of your son is so adorable! What a cutie!

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