Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ninja Warrior Birthday

UPDATE: I have made the files I used available for download (for a small fee) using the following link. It contains the jpeg files for the invitation and the Word document for making the t-shirts.  Hope this makes it easier to get the files as I am terrible with responding to email requests.  Please email me with any questions or concerns.  Thanks!

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I think it is ok (and not too arrogant) to admit that I am pretty proud of the events that I have organized for my family. I take great joy in planning and executing parties for my kids. I think the ultimate compliment can come from a 5 year old, when they say they had a great time and the party was so much fun! I think I may have outdone myself with my son's latest birthday party. One of his favorite things right now is Ninja Warrior (and Wipeout). Ever hear of it...or are we the only ones that know of this show? Both shows are competition shows that involve obstacle courses...Ninja Warrior has some pretty incredible obstacles (especially in the final stages), but I think my son loves the first stage where they show tons of people wiping out. He even creates his own "courses" out of blocks and has his "Little People" run the course...full commentary and everything. Most of the time I am just required to watch, but sometimes I have to act as one of the commentators. So with fascination in mind, I plan a Birthday Ninja Warrior Party.

First came the invitation...obviously no stamps around to use to make an invitation with this theme. So I tried my hand at some Photoshop work. Basically I stumbled around until I got what I wanted. I "borrowed" the Ninja Warrior logo (don't send the copyright police after me please!) and copied the little Ninja dude and the red slash and placed them on a black circle. Then I found a font that was close to the Ninja Warrior font...not exact, but pretty close. Then I made some red explosion marks...really not sure what to call those. Then I took the tone of the opening of the Ninja Warrior show and changed it to give the information inside the invitation. I was really quite please with how this turned out.

Since I made this fabulous logo, I decided that I need to use it to the fullest extent. I changed it to read "Future Ninja Warrior" and printed it on T-shirt transfers. I got cheap undershirt t-shirts and ironed them on for each kid (see group photo below). I gave a "Japanese-sounding" ending to each of their names and printed out name tags for each kid and presented them with their new name for the party (they thought that was pretty funny!). I also printed out their names on some other name tags (with the logo of course) and put them on their goodie bags filled with a little bit of candy, so little ninja dudes from Oriental Trading, and some ninja related tattoos also from Oriental Trading. Then of course I used the logo for the basis of my cake...check it out! I am very proud of this cake...turned out better than I thought it would!

For activities during the party, I started them painting some wood boards...they had no idea why yet, but painted happily. Then as they tried, we had them run an obstacle course in our house. Yeah I am sure the other parents hate me, because we basically had them climbing all of the furniture as they were part of the obstacles! We had them run in one at a time first and then it was a free-for-all. They went around and around. Too funny. Then we brought them back to the "craft table" and the created ball mazes with the boards. The boards had nails hammered into them (thank you to my wonderful husband) and they strung rubber bands around the nails to create a maze for some bouncy balls. This was an idea I found in the Family Fun magazine.

A group shot (getting 12 kids to look all in one direction just doesn't happen...and for some reason my son was the worst one about not looking!), pizza, cake, and presents finished off the party!

The free-for-all of the obstacle course!

The kids making their ball mazes

Attempting a group shot of 12 four and five year olds...good luck!

Can't believe he is 5 already!

Well I hope that you enjoyed seeing the pics from his party! It really was a blast even if it was what I would call controlled chaos! Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!


jjcreations said...

Wow, I remember these days!!! Awesome card and cake.

Michele Kovack said...

How fun!!! Maybe you should be a party planner? You are awesome at this!!!!

Andrew said...

Hey there. My 4-year-old daughter is a huge fan and I'm trying to re-create the logo for a shirt that I'm making for her.

What font did you use if you don't mind my asking?

Andrew said...

Thanks so much for your response. I'm pretty adept at Illustrator, so I just went ahead and recreated the logo myself as a line drawing. A little tedious, but it's done. Let me know if you ever need it and I'll send it on to you.

tgrops said...

A friend who actually competed on the show has offered to 'train' the kids coming to my 6 year olds bday party at the end of the month. Love the tshirt idea. If you are willing to share the logo you created, I would love to have it. Either way, thanks for posting!

Andrew said...

Sure. Would be glad to. Can I uploade it here or do I just need to e-mail it to you?

Andrea said...
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Unknown said...

I am trying to plan an American Ninja Warrior party for my six year old... do you think you would be willing to share the card and logo files you made? I can't tell you how much that would help me! They are wonderful!

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thank you! I just sent you an email -- but just in case it doesn't go through... my email address is mgunnell(at)libertypioneer(dot)com. Thanks!

Candice said...

My son really wants an American Ninja warrior party and this invitation in perfect. Would you be willing to share your files with me? My email is candicecannon@hotmail.com.


Michelle said...

I love your invitations!! I am planning an American Ninja Warrior party for my 5 year old in 3 weeks. If you would be willing to share your files that would be awesome!! My email is thekrebscycle@hotmail.com
Many Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please share your files? I am planning an American Ninja Warrior party for my son. Thanks! Sarah
Here is my email:

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Planning a Ninja Warrior Party for my son as well. If you don't mind sharing I would love to get the logo design you used for the shirt and invitations.


Anonymous said...

Love your designs and quite impressed with that cake! My son doesn't have much faith in me but I'm going to try something similar. Can you please send me your templates? Thank you so much!

Amanda said...

Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior are my six year old's favorite shows, too. We're planning an ANW party for him in October. Would you be willing to share your files, especially the logo and invitation? Thank you so very much!


Katie Rose said...

I know it's been awhile since your Ninja Warrior party post but I would be so grateful if you still have the tshirt art and could send it to me!!! I am hosting a ANW party in September for a bunch of 7 year olds and shirts would make it perfect! Thank you so much for the FUN idea!!!
Katie Rose

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