Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh My Goodness and a Road Trip

So I may use a little space here as a little therapy session...if you would rather not hear me whine, skip down to the next paragraph. Still here...oh thanks! Let me start by saying I love my baby girl so very much...have to remind myself of that sometimes especially on days like these! So she seriously needs to start talking already...she is 13.5 months old now and all we really get are "doggie", maybe "duck", maybe "car", and a lot of mamamamamama (which may or may not relate to me!). The reason I say this is because the poor thing has no way of communicating with me besides screaming! Problem is all of the screams sound the same...LOUD! I have tried and am still trying signing with her, but she does not seem to get it nor has she ever attempted to show me a sign. I got to the point today I yelled at her to stop, which startled her, then she did stop screaming (yeah!), but then started crying (which is close to screaming!). Ahhhh, I just want her to start talking, signing, or something so that we can communicate better with each other! My son was an early talker, so I didn't have this issue with him....I am so struggling right now! Ok enough of my therapy session...on to the subject at hand.

First for my "Oh My Goodness" portion of the title of today's post. I got some very exciting news recently! Spellbinder's (the makers of the Nestabilities) blog had a Blog Frenzy last week to showcase their new Pendants and Borderabilities (all of which are very cool!) and you could enter each day to have a chance to win that days Pendant and matching Borderabilities...and if you entered all of the days, you had a chance to win the Grand Prize of all of the new Pendants and Borderabilities. Well guess what....I WON the GRAND PRIZE! Check out all of the cool stuff I won HERE! It is so exciting to see my name as the winner...I just couldn't (and still can't) believe it!

Now for the Road Trip portion of the post...my family is headed on a trip this weekend to southern Ohio. This will be the longest trip I think we have taken with the kids, so I have been trying to come up with ideas to keep Eli (Adi is too young for all of this) entertained without too many DVD's and such. Allison Fillo was kind enough to send me a link to a Road Trip game that you try and count up the number of each vehicle you see. So I took that idea and made it into a Road Trip BINGO. So as we are driving along, we will play BINGO with the things we see. It sounds like it should be fun...I will let you know how it goes when we get back!

Thanks for checking out my kind of engineering!


Lorie said...

First...I love your road trip game! Genius idea! As far as your daughter goes does of course you her! We all have these types of problems with our kiddos. Is your son talking for your daughter...you know answering questions for her? I had that problem with my oldest son speaking for my middle son so he was a late talker. The other thing I can think of is have you had your daughters hearing checked? It could be that she isn't hearing as well as she could. It could be something easy such as too much ear wax that would make it harder for her to hear which affects speech. Hope it is okay to share my thoughts with you and good luck!

Unknown said...

Love this idea! Great for a more advanced game with the kids (which I am going to poach!).

With my Tristan, he was a late talker but he was busy learning how to do about a 1000 other things. His younger sister Charlotte was frustrated to no end until she could talk. She is smart as a whip but will only do things (e.g. toilet train, color, etc.) when she is good and ready. So my advice to you is probably one you have heard already...buy some ear plugs and wait. It will come and then she will be a far more pleasant gal!

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