Friday, December 26, 2008

Prayers Being Answered

Well, Merry Christmas a day late to all! I am finally done hosting 3 days of get-togethers and I am enjoying some quiet time...and catching up on emails! One thing that I have missed immensely with my off-line time was getting my Francesca updates out to you. But now I can share with you good news...I really feel that prayers are being answered! The following posts from their online journal say it best, but my friend, Maureen, was given a wonderful Christmas present in being allowed to hold Francesca for 10-15 minutes! Francie is probably a long ways from being out of the NICU, but this is definitely one huge step in the right direction! They even posted some videos showing Francie with her eyes open and moving a little...she is looking so good! Thanks to all of you out there that has said a prayer, continues to say prayers, and/or will say a prayer!

Also if you still haven't heard...the Blog Candy for a Cause II in honor of Francesca is STILL growing! So check out the latest additions to the blog candy HERE...I am still completely stunned by how generous everyone is! God Bless you all!!!
Posted on Dec. 24:
"Merry Christmas Eve to all of our Family and Friends,

Francesca has continued to have an “up and down day” here at Children’s. She started off the day well, with good blood gases and good oxygen saturation scores. Therefore, the ventilator rate and oxygen were able to be weaned down a bit (to 84% oxygen, from 95% this morning). This evening, however, she has had some problems with fluid in her lungs, which is causing her lungs to have difficulty with opening (atelectasis). They have had to turn the pressure up on the vent, to try to assist her lungs with opening better. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that the theme of the NICU is “2 steps forward, 1 step back”.

On a positive note, Francesca was able to wear her first onesie today. This was the first time she’s been able to wear clothing! Maureen and Ronny were so pleased. Francesca has also lost about two pounds of fluid (which is a great thing). She is currently about eight and a half pounds, and they expect that she will still lose at least another two pounds of fluid weight. She looks so adorable! Her doctor says she is a “shade of her former self”.

Our family is huddled together in a nook at Children’s, where we are happy to celebrate Francesca’s first Christmas. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eve. You will be in our prayers, and we continue to appreciate prayers for our Sweet Francesca."
Posted on Dec. 25:
"Merry Christmas to our Family and Friends,

Francesca had another up and down day. Her oxygen saturation continued to be running a bit low today, and her blood gases have not been great, so the vent settings were not changed for the day. The doctors and nurses seem to feel that Francesca is regrouping after having so many vent changes (weans) over the past few days. They do seem to think she will likely build herself back up and have better scores in the next day or two.

A major highlight happened today, when Maureen was finally able to hold Francesca for 10-15 minutes (see pictures uploaded to the website today). Holding Francesca will probably not be a daily activity just yet, but it was a precious gift for Christmas for Maureen & Ronny, for Francesca to be able to be held “for real” for a short time. We were also able to upload four short video clips to the website, so that you can all see Francesca with her eyes open, looking at Mom and Dad. Francesca is still a bit sedated, but she usually has two or three wakeful periods during each day.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Please keep Francesca in your thoughts and prayers during this holiday season."


Monica said...

Aww She looks ADORABLE! You can tell she lost some fluid which is amazing!
Thanks for Keeping us posted Andrea. And Hopefully you recieved my card to teh family?!
Hope you had a very blessed christmas?!

1 Crafty Gal said...

WOW does she look smaller! What a beautiful baby girl. Great news on her progress.

mimiburroughs said...

What a precious angel you have there...I'm so glad to hear great news about your little one. We'll keep praying for you all.

Blessings for a GREAT NEW YEAR!!

I can so relate to so much of what y'all are going through! Know my heart and prayers are with you!

Giovana said...

Amen!!! for the good news, she looks different already.
God is great.


Ashley Newell said...

What a gorgeous family!

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