Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Blogger - Trying to Get Back

Yes I am still case you were wondering! I have just been a very bad blogger! Personal events, holidays, and stamp classes took over my life...and then on top of it, I lost some motivation in there too! Anyway, I think I am back now and will hopefully have some interesting things to share.
So the last time I posted was back in September! Let's see what has happened since then...1) My daughter has decided breast is best and has completely refused the bottle...tried to get her to change her mind (and believe me I am persistent when I want something) and she won, 2) Halloween was a mouse (Eli) and my ladybug (Adi) went trick-or-treating with friends this year (we were there too, don't worry), 3) Almost had a neck surgery...doesn't that sound like fun?!, 4) found out I have carpal tunnel...where this came from I don't know, but treating this has helped me avoid the neck surgery in point 3, 5) held a Stamp-A-Stack at my Mom's house in Grand Ledge...which brings us to this post! So now that we are all caught up, let's get to the topic at hand.
The Stamp-A-Stack went great...I had a lot of newbies which is always a little scary for Stamp-A-Stacks because they are doing so much. But everyone completed all 25 cards and had a great time. These cards were kept simple, so they could complete them all (5 of each design), but I thought they turned out nice. So check out the individual shots below. I will be back with some other stuff I have done while away and something I am holding a class for soon!

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KSinMT said...

Glad to see you back! Kathy

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