Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Francesca Update

Hey everyone! I haven't had a chance to make anything recently, so nothing to show right now. I just wanted to pop in to give a quick Francesca update. Speaking of which...Wendy Byrd of Elizabeth City, NC are you out there??? If you are you need to look at this POST! For the rest of you, if I don't hear from Wendy by Friday, I will have to pick a new winner from my Blog Candy for a Cause II!!! So stay posted!

Anyway, it sounds as if Francesca is doing fairly well...ups and downs still. The biggest concern right now is the weaning of her sedatives. I guess she is having some trouble with that. I am tentatively scheduled to visit Maureen and Ronny on Saturday (pending how Francie is doing that day) to give them the box full of love! As always it is better to get the update in their words than in mine! So here you go:

Posted 1/4/09:
"Hello Everyone!
Francesca has had a few “up and down” days…Her oxygen saturation and blood gases have been fairly good, so they have been able to continue to slowly wean the ventilator (oxygen down to 48%, and weaning her pressure and rate down too). In addition, Francesca has done well tolerating her tube feedings, and now has a small feeding every three hours. She has lost even more of the fluid she has been retaining for so long, and has been able to be weaned down a bit on her Lasix (a diuretic which assisted her with getting rid of her excess fluid).

Francesca has had difficulty over the past two days, as her two sedation medications are being weaned, and Francesca is experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. The doctors say this is expected, and that these symptoms could last days…to weeks. Our sweet little baby is quite uncomfortable, and it is quite painful for us to watch. Luckily, singing lullabies and feeling a loved one’s hand on her seems to calm her…a little. Let’s just say, we are singing ourselves hoarse!

Prayers for comfort for our angel baby Francesca would be greatly appreciated. We hope you all enjoyed a great New Years weekend. Thanks again for your continued support."


Laurie in MN said...

Our son went through similar withdrawals and we had the process slowed. Big mistake on our part because it added to our son's recovery time. Please reassure Ronnie and Maureen that they are doing a fantastic job caring for their dear Francesca.

Teresa Brooks said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. My thought and prayers will remain with the family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update on Francessca. I look forward to reading more. Will keep Francessca, Maureen & Ronnie in my prayers.
JoAnn B. scrappingnana4@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Sending more hugs and prayers for Francesca and her family!

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