Monday, February 9, 2009

Kids Valentines

This post has nothing to do with stamping, but it does have something to do with card-making...just card-making kid style! I wanted to have my son help make some Valentine's Day cards for grandparents and Daddy. I know it probably goes against all true card-maker vows or something to not make the cards myself, but I wanted him involved, but wanted them to be cute at the same time. So I did some searching for ideas and found an idea for Feet Hearts on the Family Fun website. They said to trace the feet, but after a couple of attempts with my son, we weren't having much luck...and just imagine trying to keep my 8 month old's foot still long enough! Not a chance! So I decided to slap some paint on the bottoms of their feet and made some footprints instead! Love them!!! I cut them out and printed the sayings. My son helped turn the Cuttlebug handle to cut out the sayings and the scallop squares. Then he helped me place the squares and the foam heart stickers (he loves to put stickers on things!) and I had him sign the backs of them (well he is still learning that one, so I might have to tell the recipient that what is on the back is suppose to be his name!).

Anyway, I loved how these turned out and wanted to share with you. I am going to have him make another kind for his preschool classmates...if those turn out I will post them as well. On a side note, my son really does have 5 toes on his right foot...although the footprint makes it look like he only has 4!! His second toe kind of curls and sits on his third toe, so it kind of blended with that one. Kind of funny though!

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  1. I love this idea!! It does not go against any of my beliefs of card making. My little girl always wants to help. GREAT JOB!

  2. i just adore these! What fantastic valentine's!

  3. Cute cards! I love the idea of having my kids help with projects.

  4. So cute! What a great keepsake too!

  5. I just love this idea, speaking as an expectant grannie. I hope my soon-to-be-here Charlie will send me one someday!


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